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So today I got in the mail a bottle of pills composed of dessicated raw thyroid tissue from free-range toxin-free cows which was imported from New Zealand. I just took my first dose. I know, kinda gross, right? Well you do what you gotta do I suppose. I think the levothyroxine that my doctor was giving me was killing me. And the dessicated thyroid sold in the US is not raw, and is sourced from pigs, and I want nothing to do with ingesting pork, cooked or not.

Pork is often infested with Trichinella. I don't believe it is wise to consume pork, especially if it is even a tiny bit pink. Of course, bacon has been cured and all that, so you don't have to worry. Except about the cancer-causing nitrates nearly always used in that process. Also I read an article when I was younger about gene-splicing and genetic engineering (which is against Nature/God) and these 'scientists' were making pigs with some human genes thrown in for fun. And they said the pigs died horribly from malformations and sounded kinda like humans crying. The picture showed these poor ghastly creatures that couldn't stand up and looked like pigs with human-ish faces and patches of human-like hair growing on their bodies. I could scream for a million years and it would not be long enough.

Plus the animals from factory farms in the US are malnourished, loaded with hormones and chemicals, infested with parasites, and live most of their short lives in a state of terror. Which is not humane, or delicious.

The stuff is called "Raw Thyroid" by Source Naturals. I am hoping this helps relieve some of my symptoms, because I do not ever want to take levothyroxine again. However, I really believe that the hypothyroidism is a symptom and not the underlying problem. I am hoping to find out what that is and cure it, rather than be content to let my doctor put me on some drug for the rest of my life to treat a symptom.
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