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Sallie Mae services both most of my undergraduate loans and my new graduate loans. However, despite this, they are giving me a hard time about accepting an in-school deferment on my undergraduate loans. They say they haven't received certification from my graduate college yet. But I pointed out to them that they service my graduate loan which would certainly seem to be enough evidence that I'm in school at the moment.

Absurdly, they can't count their own records as evidence.

I'd had my college send me a copy of the in-school deferment form in case I needed it so I faxed it to Sallie Mae yesterday. Today I get an e-notice stating that the deferment was denied because an "authorized official" hadn't signed it. There were instructions to "look on the back of the form" to see which authorized official should have signed it. On the back of the form all it says is, "an authorized certifying official... is an authorized official of the school where I am/was enrolled as a full-time or at least half-time student." WTH, yo? 

So I called them to ask what the heck was wrong with the authorized official who had signed my form.

After some deliberation, they said that her signature looked too similar to her written name.



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