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Tom Ward, Co-Owner

Russell Stover Candies, Inc.

4900 Oak Street

Kansas City, MO 64112-2702


4 June 2010



Dear Mr. Ward:


I am writing to express my bitter disappointment that your company uses “partially hydrogenated” oil in some of your products. My child was given a Russell Stover white chocolate bunny for Easter which contains “partially hydrogenated palm oil” so we had to throw it away. These types of trans fats are not fit for human consumption due to health risks and are usually only found in cheap, inferior products that I would never consider purchasing. This is shocking considering that I believed your company to be in the business of making “fine” chocolate.


This is especially disheartening because on the very same product box was printed a letter from you that states: “We use only the finest ingredients such as real fruit, butter and sweet cream.” Unfortunately, this statement could not be considered even remotely truthful when compared to the ingredient list just below it (in much smaller print). This is unacceptable and misleading.


The fact that the item of concerned was called “white chocolate” at all is also questionable, because it contained only cheap or artificial ingredients and no cocoa butter. As of 2004, the FDA established a standard which calls for the inclusion of cocoa butter in anything labeled “white chocolate.” While I understand that this standard is not currently enforceable under U.S. law, please ask yourself if such actions are reconcilable with your corporate image of a family-owned company that hand-blends fine chocolate.


Finally, I urge you to consider your duty to the public, and especially the children who ultimately consume a large percentage of your products. There is no place for trans fat in human food and I ask you to discontinue its use in all of your products immediately.






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