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Today I began Phase II of the Master Plan for Basil Health. Phase I was following the Blood Type Diet for Type A, which includes no red meat or junk food and after a couple months has given me back what I can only describe as major life force points. I got so much done today!!!! I haven't felt this good in a long time. Definitely the Source Naturals Raw Thyroid supplement from New Zealand that has made the extra difference though!!! Well this in conjunction with following the strict but satisfying Blood Type Diet and taking Vitamin Code Raw Iron with a drop of Thyadine iodine supplement under the tongue has finally done the trick. I might cancel the appointment with the neurologist if my symptoms continue to lessen so dramatically.

Anyway, Phase II is growing my own organic raw food on my kitchen counter. Yes, I mean sprouts!!! It is rather amazing that you can grow food in 2-5 days which is packed full of enzymes and phytonutrients with a few seeds, water, a couple mason jars and some screened lids. I really believe this is the proper way to eat and I'm planning to eat most of my food raw (or slowly cooked at a low temp) including many, many sprouts.

Right now I've got sprouting on my counter after soaking all day: Valencia peanuts (ZOMG sprouted peanuts are my favourite thing ever and I can never find them... I don't know why I never tried making them myself), French Garden (a mix of green sprouts) and Great Beans & Rice (a mix of beans and brown rice for a low temp cooked soup) from Sproutpeople in SF. Yummmm!!!
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