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I dreamed I had a cat who was having seizures. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with it. Then the cat spoke and said, in a cat voice like you can find on various talking cat You Tube videos, "Diabetes."

The day before yesterday I bought a Gatorade for the first time in forever. The next morning I woke up feeling so much better and clearly having lost 3 or 4 pounds of water weight. This aggravated me a little because I forgot how much Gatorade helped me, which I discovered way back when I lived in Columbus. When I was dating that one girl I let her convince me that I shouldn't drink it because of the sugar content and artificial coloring. While that is a valid concern, the benefit seems to outweigh it in this instance. As far as Diabetes, it does run in my family, and so I've been checked for it repeatedly with absolutely no sign of it. I think this dream was probably just my unconscious concerns about the sugar in the Gatorade I drank. I'm not sure why my body seems to need potassium so badly but I really need to consistently supplement with it. I don't know if it is known to help myasthenia gravis which is what I believe I've been suffering from all these years. Funny that the cat had a mystery illness :P

To dream that animals can talk, represent superior knowledge. Its message is often some form of wisdom.
(Oh crap.)

To see a cat in your dream, symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. It also represents misfortune and bad luck. (Oh crap.)

To read or watch a mystery in your dream, indicates that you need to be on the lookout for something that is out of place or out of the ordinary. Something is not what it appears to be. Be careful in your dealings. (Oh crap.)

To dream that you have a seizure, indicates a lack of control in your life. (I'm reclaiming it :P)
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